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Our Mission

At POWRtec, we aim to produce the next generation of intelligent smart meters that enable utility companies and large businesses alike to manage and control energy production and consumption for the good of the economy and the environment.

POWRtec aims to be an industry leader by continually producing state of the art technology to cope with the increasing demand for quality energy management.

Through the use of POWRtec’s intelligent meters, utility companies will be able to continually gather accurate data on an hourly or daily basis including power use, load, fluctuations, kilowatt hours etc.

With POWRtec’s connectivity options, it will also be possible for utility companies to gather data on how much power particular appliances use.

POWRtec also aims to expand the functionality and connectivity of the meters, enabling users to gather a wider range of data and use it to provide solutions to their business needs.

POWRtec -  Intelligent Energy Management Systems
You can contact us at:
POWRtec Corporate Offices
745 Camden Avenue, Suite D
Campbell, CA 95008

Voice: 408.374.1900
Fax: 408.374.1902
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