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Future Products

POWRtec will continue to develop its meters further to accommodate new needs, communication protocols and purposes. Presently, the meters exist in single-phase and three-phase versions that can work with 110V, 240V or 400V and up to 80 Amps. Although these configurations cover most of the possible purposes, other configurations may become relevant later on.

The meters will be developed to cater to individual markets’ or clients’ needs. For instance, pre-paid meters could be of relevance for the Indian market, where energy theft is a major issue, and POWRtec is diligently developing exactly that kind of solution in order to position itself better for the Indian market.

POWRtec can create bespoke solutions that suit the individual client and market requirement.

"POWRtec's research and development team have introduced functions that suit specific market needs and they continue to produce avant-garde technology"
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