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GSM-3 System

POWRtec’s three-phase intelligent metering system can be tailored to best monitor and manage your business’ energy consumption needs. Combining advanced technology with simplicity of use, these metering systems are highly efficient, accurate and effective and a valuable investment for your business.
GSM-3 Three Phase Metering System
Product Perspective
The POWRtec product family offers unparalleled features and accuracy at a value price. It has an integrated GSM modem and 2A power supply for the GSM modem. The meter offers many value features as a standard offering, including; class 1 power reading, Automatic Meter Reading using multi band GSM network, DIN 43 857 specification, IEC 61036 specifications and the IEC 61107 Optical Communications specifications. It is capable of fitting into all enclosures currently available.

Three-Phase Meters
The POWRtec product family includes both direct connected and transformer connected meters for three-phase four-wire applications. The basic meter is available as either 5 (80) Ampere Direct Reading Active Energy Meter or 1 (6) Ampere Current Transformer connected meters. The meter has extended communications capability thanks to an Infra red port and serial GSM interface. A GSM modem is installed inside the meter and will communicate over the GSM network to a central station.

AC Voltage Monitor
The POWRtec three phase meter has the ability to store the instant AC RMS potential reading on all phases. The meter creates a DC equivalent of the AC value and  can store this value in a register. This register can be read through the GSM modem in an SMS or GPRS message. This reading can be read at any time. Alternately the reading can be sent in an AMR message.

Setting the Date and Time
This process can be accomplished only by using the IEC 601107 interface and authorized passwords to prevent unauthorized change to the values.
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