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POWRtec: Giant Appliance Providers to Develop Smart Meter Compatible Products

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire -12/27/11)- POWRtec International Corp. (OTC.BB: POWT.OB - News), an innovative California-based energy monitoring company, is pleased to comment upon the recent innovations within home appliances compatible with smart meters.

Smart energy meters allow consumers to control the energy usage within their households and allow the utility companies to measure usage and avoid overcapacity. This provides a win-win solution for the consumer, power utility companies as well as the environment.

Smart Appliances

Major home appliance manufacturers are increasingly developing products that communicate with smart energy meters within households to keep energy usage down during peak hours and maximize efficiency. Whirlpool says it plans to produce "one million smart appliances by the end of 2011" as a part of a larger commitment to make all appliances it creates smart-grid compatible by the end of 2015.

"We're pleased to see that the home of tomorrow is here today. The major consumer electronics manufacturers are currently manufacturing smart appliances which complement POWRtec smart meters harmoniously," comments Grant Jasmin, CEO of POWRtec.

LG electronics plans to make all its appliances smart-grid compatible by 2015. The company recently showcased its new Thinq line of home appliances which are able to communicate with smart meters and run during periods when electricity is at its cheapest, saving consumers money on their utility bills.

About POWRtec
POWRtec is a dynamic and unique energy monitoring company with the potential to dominate the smart meter industry with its innovative intelligent smart meters. POWRtec's meters are network-enabled and can be built to utilize virtually any communications protocol. This empowers the intelligent smart meters to directly control network enabled, power-draining devices by switching them on and off in accordance with the desired energy output, resulting in more efficient use of resources, smaller energy bills and enormous benefits to the environment. POWRtec's products can directly reduce the amount of energy waste and make a meaningful difference to the environment.

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